Blooming Hope in DSM, is Blooming Hope in Silver Oaks

Oakridge Neighborhood

How a new charitable floral delivery is impacting the Des Moines Metro.

August 2nd, 2018- We are thrilled to announce a new business in the Des Moines area: Blooming Hope in DSM. Blooming Hope is a charitable floral deliver. The business has only been around for a short time; however, it has already accomplished its mission and blossomed hope within the Oakridge Neighborhood; especially in our Silver Oaks community.

With the help of Tom Boesen and Boesen Florists Shelley Kolz aka “the floral angel” delivers flowers once a week to local hospices, hospitals, women/ children’s shelters, etc. Kolz also delivers to senior living centers such as Oakridge Neighborhood’s: Silver Oaks, a community designed to meet the needs of residents 55 and older.

During times of hardships, Kolz and her flowers bring a ray of light.

“I have had a passion for flowers since I was a child. They bring me great pleasure, lots of smiles and are a sign of hope. I have always had an affinity for people; especially who are going through life struggles such as loneliness, depression, death, and sorrow. I believe that the marriage of these two things has brought me to the development of this brain-child called Blooming Hope in DSM.”  says Shelley Kolz, coordinator of Blooming Hope in DSM.

How It Works

With the contributions of local floral shop Boesen the Florist, Kolz, is able to pick up flowers that are going to be discarded- flowers that have been returned to Boesen’s and are not for sale- and “rescue” them for her deliveries. If it weren’t for Kolz, the flowers would be discarded into a dumpster.

“On behalf of Silver Oaks and its residents, we are extremely grateful for Blooming Hope in DSM. This kind gesture means so much to the residents, along with our staff, it brightens up our day,” Jo Ann Hughes, the resident specialist at Silver Oaks.

To learn more information about Blooming Hope in DSM email Shelley at


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