JAZZ, JEWELS & JEANS: Meet our Event Chairs

Oakridge Neighborhood

Jazz, Jewels & Jeans: Meet our Event Chairs

Now in its ninth year, Jazz, Jewels & Jeans- the signature fundraiser event to support Oakridge Neighborhood- is dazzling brighter than ever. This is due to our excellent volunteer event chairs and their committees. Busy working and planning the upcoming event we had the chance to catch up with them during one of their many meetings and ask them a few questions on why they decided to get involved.

Lana Jones-Gould
“Helping people who want to do better in their life, education, etc. I mean¬†you can’t say no to that,” says Lana Jones- Gould event chair for Jazz, Jewels, & Jeans, when asked about why she’s involved with Jazz, Jewels & Jeans. Oakridge provides numerous different services that cater to education, workforce, etc. All the donations received in Jazz, Jewels & Jeans funds these various programs.


Mark Holub
Besides Jazz, Jewels, & Jeans being a major “fun” event, Mark Holub also enjoys the fact Jazz, Jewels & Jeans supports people in such a big way. “This event is a great fun way to raise money, engage people who don’t know anything about Oakridge Neighborhood Services and introduce them to all Oakridge has to offer, and hopefully that will help raise more money each year,” said Mark Holub, event chair for Jazz, Jewels & Jeans.


Marcia Leader Wanamaker
Marcia Leader Wanamaker has been a supporter of Oakridge Neighborhoods for years, so when asked by our CEO to co-chair Jazz, Jewels & Jean three years ago, she stepped up immediately. She’s been serving on Jazz, Jewels & Jeans ever since.
“I enjoy being involved with organizations that make a difference in the lives of everyday people,” Marcia says. “Homes of Oakridge is a bright light for those who are most vulnerable. They are committed to assisting families with all facets of day to day life, from ESL classes to rental assistance for daycare. When I think of the saying “It takes a village,” Homes of Oakridge is top of my mind.” adds Wanamaker, event chair for Jazz, Jewels & Jeans.

Jazz, Jewels & Jeans is scheduled for Friday, September 14th starting at 6 PM.¬†During the event, guests will have the opportunity to listen to the sounds of smooth jazz, nibble hors-d’oeuvres, and bid in a silent & live auction, along with a raffle.

For more information or to purchase tickets click here.

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