Adult & Families

Oakridge Neighborhood

Oakridge Neighborhood Adult and Family programs serve both residents of Oakridge and the Des Moines metropolitan area, with the goal of moving families to sustained self-sufficiency and self-reliance.

Currently, approximately 60 percent of the individuals and families who participate in Oakridge Adult and Family programs reside in Oakridge Neighborhood; 40 percent are from outside Oakridge.

Intensive case management along with job readiness skills are the drivers of the Adult and Family Program.  Case managers work with clients to establish an individualized plan of action that offers the  needed services, then tracks and monitors their progress.

Working collaboratively with the case managers are job readiness and placement coordinators who work with employers to monitor position openings and opportunities in a variety of fields and disciplines. These contacts are helpful as individuals progress through classes, begin seeking employment, or become interested in pursuing new opportunities.

Oakridge Neighborhood Services is proud to offer adult and family programs that focus on helping people prepare themselves for employment—first jobs and better jobs. We help residents with a five-point process:

  • Reducing barriers to employment and addressing immediate needs
  • Facilitating job readiness
  • Assisting with job placement
  • Developing skills to aid in job retention
  • Encouraging continued education for job advancement
  • Encouraging continued education for job advancement

We also offer a number of services—for speakers of English and other languages—designed to improve computer skills, resume writing, networking, and other skills necessary to compete in the modern workplace. In addition, our adult programs include education and coaching to enhance and promote financial literacy, long-term self-sufficiency, cultural transition support groups and peer discussions, effective parenting, and other crucial skills. We believe that promoting these qualities within the community improves our city as a whole. For information, please call Simon at 515.244.7702.